Associate Professor/

Quantitative Research Consultant at APU

Department of Psychology
Azusa Pacific University, CA

  • Teach research methods, test and measurement, statistics, and computing in APU-SAS Joint Certificate Program
  • Conduct research in research methodologies, and cross-culutral comparisons, including education in international contexts
  • Provide consulting services to APU faculty in quantitative research.

Director of Research & Assessment

Applied Learning Technologies Institute
Arizona State University, AZ

  • Develop instruction-assessment feedback loops using cognitive item response theory
  • Conduct research for supporting institutional strategic planning on instructional technology
  • Mentor doctoral students & graduate assistants.


Assessment, Development, and Innovation/
Assessment, Research, and Evaluation
Cisco Systems Inc./Aries Technology

  • Conduct psychometric research using classical analysis, Item Response Theory, data visualization, and exploratory data analysis (e.g. Bilog, Winstps)
  • Automate data analysis process (e.g. SAS Macros, Perl)
  • Develop Web-based databases for item banking (e.g. FileMaker Pro)

Academic Research Manager

Educational Data Communication, Analysis, Research, and Evaluation (ED-CARE)
Division of Educational Psychology, Arizona State University, AZ

  • Conduct measurement and statistical analysis for program evaluation
  • Design and manage networking infrastructure
  • Supervise graduate assistants and mentor graduate students in research
  • Organize and present in research seminars

System Analyst

Instruction and Research Support
Information Technology, Arizona State University, AZ

  • Develop internet-based applications for instruction and research
  • Conduct research to evaluate the effectiveness of technology-based instruction
  • Supervise doctoral students in dissertation committees
  • Teach classes and workshops regarding research, evaluation, database design, and network design.

Management Research Analyst

Graduate College/Institutional Analysis and Data Administration
Arizona State University, AZ

  • Perform statistical analysis and database query for educational research
  • Develop homepages for the office
  • Provide computing support
  • Administer local area networks and Internet servers.


Technology Resources Lab/Student Computing Lab
Arizona State University, AZ

  • Manage networks including Windows NT, Novell Netware, and PowerMac Workgroup servers
  • Provide computing support for faculty
  • Supervise graduate assistants and workstudy workers


Youth Literary Book Company, Hong Kong

Managed the marketing and inventory control of a college-oriented book store, coordinated book exhibitions in various colleges and universities.

Book seller

Cosmosy Book Company, Hong Kong

I was a research assistant during my graduate study. Additionally, I provide statistical consulting services to different types of clients.